The Staff

Forged from granite in the land of Politically Incorrect Valley

Don't feel bad for him because he has a mild form of Tourettes. He's the bald, the beautiful,  The Big Daddy!

Welcome to the Beer Garden where there is more filter than Big Daddy has but just about anything goes. Meet our Fork Talk Staff and please join us on your tuney box of choice for the podcast or on our Facebook page (forktalkwithbigdaddyandhoss).

Big Daddy

QUICK, Get to the choppAh!

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Candy Sprinkles - Producer

Crushing kittens and crushing hearts we can't keep on task without Candy

Devil Ang - Big Daddy's Handler

The hardest job on the planet is tending to the talent and Big Daddy's rider involves a lot! Southern Charm and a devil's wit helps keep Devil Ang in the drivers seat.

Intern - Slim Jim

Security - Dom Origato

Chief Science Officer - Dr. Ken "Noisewater" Beck

Official Cartoonist - Vargus Highlander

Int'l Man of Mystery & Foodie - Myles Wetzel

Official Historian - Roger "Gandalf" Saunders

Official Correspondent - Chad Ullom 

Number One Fan - Audrey Rose Walker


Because he always wanted a friend named Hoss

The executer of ideas, Hoss makes the stupid ideas you all come up with in the beer garden into reality!